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Kinematics MCQs for grade 9

Multiple Choice Questions

  1. The average speed of a bus is 20 ms-1, how far can it travel in 10 s?

A. 100 m

B. 200 m

C. 150 m

D. 250 m


  1. A truck accelerates uniformly from 15 ms-1 to 20 ms-1 in 5 s. What is the acceleration of the truck?

A. 2 ms-2

B. 1.5 ms-2

C. 1 ms-2

D. 2.5 ms-2


  1. A car moving along a straight line at 20 ms-1 undergoes an acceleration of 4 ms-2. After 2 s, its speed will be

A. 28 ms-1

B. 16 ms-1

C. 12 ms-1

D. 8 ms-1


  1. A bird begins to accelerate at a constant 0.3 ms-2 for 3 s. Its change in velocity is

A. 0.9 m/s

B. 1.5 m/s

C. 1.95 m/s

D. 2.4 m/s


  1. A car is going backwards at 5 m/s. After 10 s of uniform acceleration, the car is going forward at 10 m/s. The acceleration is

A. 0.5 ms-2

B. 0.75 ms-2

C. 1.5 ms-2

D. 5 ms-2


  1. The slope of distance-time graph represents

A. acceleration

B. change in acceleration

C. speed

D. distance


  1. The area under a speed-time graph

A. acceleration

B. change in acceleration

C. distance

D. velocity


  1. A student riding his cycle on a straight flat road covers one block every 7 seconds. If each block is 100 m long, he is traveling at

A. constant speed

B. constant velocity

C. 10 m/s

D. both A and B


  1. You drop a rock from a bridge to the river below. When the rock has fallen 4 m, you drop a second rock. As the rocks continue their free fall, their separation

A. increases

B. decreases

C. stay the same

D. none


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