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Students may find here;

(1) Marks scoring competitive notes of First Year Physics, First Year Mathematics, Second Year Physics and Second Year Mathematics.
(2) Interactive exercises.
(3) Online support. For online support, please comment on any page and we will be with you through your email.

Or send your question us directly on

آج کل انٹرنیٹ کی صورت میں علوم و فنون کا ایک وسیع ذخیرہ ہماری رسائی میں ہے۔
مشال سائنس اکیڈیمی یہ یقین رکھتی ہے کہ اگر ہم انٹرنیٹ کا مثبت استعمال کریں تو ہم اس کو ایک ایسی جگہ بنا سکتے ہیں جہاں ہمارے نوجوان بالعموم اور طلباء و طالبات بالخصوص اپنے مسائل کو بہتر انداز میں حل کر سکیں۔
اسی مشن کو لے کر ہم نے مشال سائنس اکیڈیمی کی بنیاد رکھی ہے۔ جہاں سے ہماری کوشش ہوگی کہ نوجوانوں اور بالخصوص طلباء و طالبات کے مسائل کو ٹھوس انداز میں حل کرسکیں۔
اس سائٹ پر ابتدائی طور پر ہم طلبہ و طالبات کی تعلیمی ضروریات اور بعد میں نوجوانوں کے سماجی مسائل اور صحت کے بارے میں مواد رکھیں گے۔
اس مقصد کے حصول کے لئے ہمیں آپ کی تعاون کی ضرورت ہے۔

The purpose

Just to remind you that we are purpose oriented. The purpose is to develop the capacity of students in self-evaluation and analysis of different alternatives to get most of their education and life experiences. Why? Because, our youth and, particularly students, spend a lot of time on internet and needs not to say, time is one of our enormous resources. So as a reward, their skill of evaluation and analysis of opportunities in their lives in general and their education in particular, must enhance. This would be the wisest investment of time!

Student's Needs Assessment

Honestly speaking, this is not easy to understand the needs of students on such a large scale like the audience of a website. However, a handful out of tons, may be a good approximation when there is a consistent homogeneity in our education system. We try to reach in person to as many students as possible through seminars, conferences and round table discussions to discuss the problems they face in their studies. However, your feedback still has no parallel. We provide a number of channels to get your feedback, but an email is perhaps the most accessible and effective way. You may send your valuable suggestions through email and we always welcome it! It never goes unseen.

Happy reading!