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Physics 12

This page consists of solved exercises of the Second Year Physics course recommended for all BISE Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

See entry test preparation MCQs here.


Name Chapter


1. Electrostatics


2. Current Electricity


3. Electromagnetism


4. Electromagnetic Induction


5. Alternating Current


6. Physics of Solids


7. Electronics


Long Questions

Short Questions



8. Advent of Modern Physics


9. Atomic Spectra


10. Nuclear Physics



  1. Jamil

    Sir! How have you been doing? Hope, you are good. Why is there no link to theory in Second year physics?

    I really appreciate your work but there’s the said problem in the 2nd year course. You have included the “theory” catogory but is linkless. Plz resolve the issue. Thanks!

  2. Aliza khan

    Thanksss a lottt for all the exercises,very well solved .i have prepared 2nd year physics from this website🌹🌼💐💐

  3. Moeez

    السلام علیکم
    Sir chapter 17 Electronics is not available no questions, mcqs, or anything please fo something. Thank you.

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      • Jawad Ahmed

        Ok sir it’s a great pleasure visiting this website. I recommended that I have studied almost all the questions and found that diagrams, heading, and proper way of attempting for students. if you have done this, this will be a great source

        • admin

          Jawad Ahmad
          Thank you so much. We do all this voluntarily and there is always problem of shortage of time. Second, you know uploading stuff on net is not an easy job, particularly, when it comes to mathematics. So, for the exams afoot, it is impossible to upload them. However, friends in the next batch of Second Year, will find every thing about electronics there, Insha Allah. Thanks once again.

    • admin

      The site is under construction. Once the notes are uploaded and reviewed, we will provide the option.
      Thank you for the interest.

  9. Sami ur rahman

    Dear sir develop the site its very useful to us, some questions you deleted which are very important plz for sack of knowledge ON your website completely. Thanx

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