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About msa

This all started in the winter of 2019 when a group of volunteers; retired, working and students, agreed to make internet a place for the capacity development and an information hub for the students. Later on, this became our mission.

Our mission

We have the mission to support students in self-evaluation and analysis of different alternatives to get most of their education and life experiences.

Our Approach

What lacks on the internet that is essential for the Pakistani youth in general and students in particular? No one other than students and youth themselves can know better! And to know about the needs of students, a number of student’s needs assessment workshops were arranged. The conclusions were interesting. They prioritized their needs as below;

  1. Standard course material for the specific exams and understanding the subject; students laid their emphasis on notes easy for comprehension and to the point from the examination point of view, video lectures on important topics and animations for the explanation of unusual topics.
  2. Information regarding availability and access to the system within the country and abroad.

Our Work

Our experts started work on it. Though, this might be a continuous process on providing assistance (material) in soft and hard (when needed), our delivery go in line with the priority of the students.

Expect here

  • Solution of exercises given in the text books.
  • Video lectures and animations on course material.
  • By using local resources, making science a practical subject accessible to all.
  • Information about education.
  • Awareness about youth health.

Our Team

  • Ghalib Khan, Team Leader
  • Mashal Uthmand, Admin
  • Shandana Waheed, Writer
  • Majid Khan, Writer
  • Ejaz Nabi, Writer

Talk to us on,

Or text on, +92 335 0565740