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Question 2: What are the advantages of using international system of units?


Measurement is an important part of our daily life. During the course of time, various system of units were developed in different societies according to the requirements and conditions of the society.

However, when the means of communication gradually increased and different societies started interacting among them, these systems were found to be very complicated. Therefore, uniformity of the systems of units was an unavoidable need.

Initially, three systems of units emerged as most acceptable systems; they were MKS system of units, FPS system and CGS system. However, science community still needed a further unified system for global uniformity and standardization of results. The system of units thus developed is called International System of units.

SI has the following major advantages;

  • It is used by the science community throughout the world.
  • Subunits or submultiples are formed in such a way that calculation is just a matter of moving the decimal point. In this way complicated mathematical procedures are avoided.
  • SI uses simple prefixes over a wide range of measurement.
  • There are few base units.
  • Derived units are simple products and quotients of few base units.
  • With SI and prefixes of the units, we can express the physical quantities in the simplest way.


  1. Arsalan Ahmad Khan

    In December 1998,the NASA launched the Mars Climate Orbiter on a scientific mission to collect climate data from Mars.Sometime later the investigation showed that the colculations were incorrect due to an error in the transffer of information between two teams working on the project.The reason was that one team used English units and the other used SI units .So the purpose is that it is playing a crucial role in every day life………thanks

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