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Atomic Structure, Comprehensive Questions

This page consists of Long Questions included in the Chemistry course for the First Year students.

S.NoStatement of the Question
Question 1

(a) What is Planck’s Quantum theory? What are the postulates of this theory?
(b) Prove that E = hcν̅, where E = Energy, h= Planck’s constant, c = velocity of light and ν̅ is wave number.
(c) What will be the energy of radiation with λ = 2 × 10-8 m.

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Question 2

(a) What are the postulates of Bohr’s atomic model?
(b) How can Bohr’s model of atom be applied to hydrogen atom to calculate the radius of the nth shell?
(c) Derive expressions using Bohr’s model, for energy difference (ΔE), frequency ν, and wave number in hydrogen atom.
(d) How does Bohr’s model explain the hydrogen spectrum?
(e) What are the short comings of Bohr’s atomic model?

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Question 3

(a) What are X-rays? How are these produced?
(b) Enlist some characteristics of X-rays.

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Question 4What are quantum numbers? Discuss their significance in detail.


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