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Conceptual Questions on Physics of Solids

See here answers to the conceptual questions of Physics of Solids included in the Physics course for Grade 11.

S.NoStatement of the question
Question 1Evaluate the importance of strength and stiffness in a design context?
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Question 2Discuss the superconductivity of a conductor with the help of a curve.
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Question 3Distinguish between crystalline, amorphous and polymeric solids.
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Question 4Define unit cell, basis and space lattice.
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Question 5Differentiate between paramagnetic, diamagnetic and ferromagnetic materials with suitable examples.
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Question 7Explain Hook’s law and modulus of elasticity.
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Questions 8Is there any difference in the length of 20 m steel girder when standing vertically and horizontally?
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Question 9Steel reinforcement is used in concrete beams to prevent cracking. Explain where the steel reinforcing should be placed in a concrete beam?
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