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Question 9: If an equation is dimensionally correct, is that equation a right equation?


May be and may not be.

We know that a correct equation is dimensionally consistent, i-e, the dimensions must be same on both sides. However, this only gives us the information that the nature of quantities on both sides is the same. This is important for the equality because we cannot say 5 kg of sugar = 30 seconds of time.

However, the physical correctness of an equation cannot be determined by the dimensional correctness on both sides. For example, if there are 1 kg of potatoes on one side of the pan and 2 kg of potatoes on the other, the dimensions are same on both sides. But the fact remains the equation is not correct.

So, if an equation is dimensionally correct, we can say to the maximum that the nature of quantities on both side is same. However, we cannot say the quantities are equal as well!


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