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Question 16: Discuss the differences between hadrons and leptons.


Hadrons: Hadrons are those subatomic particles which interact using the strong nuclear force.

Hadrons are composite particles.

Hadrons can be further divided into two groups.

  • Baryons: Baryons are those hadrons can/or decay into protons. Baryons include protons, antiproton, neutrons and antineutrons.
  • Mesons: Mesons are those Hadrons which do not decay into protons. Mesons include pions and kaons  which can be positive, negative or neutral.

Baryons and Mesons are not fundamental particles and can be split into smaller particles called quarks.

Leptons: Leptons are those Hadrons which interact using the weak nuclear force. They include electrons, muons, electron neutrino, muon neutrino and their respective anti particles.

Leptons are fundamental particles and cannot be further split into smaller particles.


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