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Problem 10: 8000 g body vibrates SHM with amplitude 0.3 m. The restoring force is 60 N. Find out;

(i) T                       (ii) a                         (iii) v                      (iv) K.E                  (v) P.E, when the displacement is 12 cm.


Given data                     Mass of the body = 8000 g = 8 kg              

Amplitude = Maximum distance = 0.3 m

                                     Force = 60 N                        Distance = x = 12 cm = 0.12 m

(i) To find the time period, T.

We know that

To find k, we have F = kx  OR   k = F/x


(ii) To find the acceleration, a.

Put values

(iii) To find Velocity, v.

Put values

(iv) To find Kinetic energy, K.E.

Put values

(v) To find Potential energy, P.E.

Put values


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