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First Year Physics notes (KPK Boards)

See Physics 11 new course here.

See Physics 11 old course here.

See Physics 12 here.

This page consists of practice MCQs for the preparation of entry tests for professional colleges/universities. 

Note the page is under construction and not final.

Chapter Description of MCQs Theory
Measurement (1) Units, (2) Scientific notation and rounding off, (3) Uncertainty, dimensions, precision and accuracy Theory
Vectors and Equilibrium Vectors, scalars, momentum, torque, equilibrium Theory
Motion and Force Velocity, acceleration, equilibrium Theory
Work and Energy (1)Work, (2) Energy, (3) Efficiency, (4) Power Theory
Rotatory and Circular Motion   Theory 
Fluid Dynamics    
Waves   Theory

See other exercises included in F.Sc course here.

Physics 11 (new course), Physics 11 (old course), Physics 12