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Question 11:Is it possible for two astronauts to talk directly to one another even if they remove their helmets?

No, this is not possible for two astronauts to talk directly in space even if they remove their helmets.

Sound waves are longitudinal mechanical waves. They need a material medium for their propagation. If there is no material medium for such waves to travel in, they will not come into existence. Since there is no material medium in the space, the sound waves will not propagate in the space. In order to be in voice contact, the astronauts should have an electronic communication system.

آواز پهٔ خلا کې نهٔ شي تللی، ځکه چې د آواز پهٔ شان مکینیکل چپو ته د تیریدو د پاره د مادي واسطې یا میډیم ضرورت وي کوم چې پهٔ خلا کې نهٔ وي. ددې برعکس الیکټرو میګنیټک ویوز د خلا نه هُم تیریدی شي

د خلا بازو پهٔ هیلمټونو کې داسې آلې لګیدلې وي چې ددوي اوازونه ریډیو ویوز ته اړوي. ریډیو ویوز الیکټرو میګنیټک ويوز وي. او دغسې دوي د یو بل سره او د زمکې سره خبرې کولی شي

The helmets of the astronauts are provided with devices which convert sound waves to radio waves. Radio waves are EM waves that can travel through space. In this way, the sounds of astronauts reach to the earth or another fellow there.


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