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Question 8: To open a door that has the handle on the right and the hinges on the left a torque must be applied. Is the clockwise or counterclockwise when viewed from above? Does your answer depend on whether the door opens towards or away from you?


Yes, when such a door is opened, a torque is applied. The moment arm is from the hinges to the point of application of the force.

Whether the torque is clockwise or counterclockwise, depends upon the direction of force and the position of the observer. As far as the direction of force is concerned, two cases are possible.

1. We pull (pull is to draw the door to our side) the door

When the hinges (axis قبضے) are on our left and we pull the door to open it, the torque is clockwise.

2. When we push (drive away) the door

When we push the door to open it and the hinges are on our left, the torque is counterclockwise.


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