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Question 6: Show that reactance in measured in ohms for both inductors and capacitors.


Inductive Reactance

The opposition offered by an inductor to the flow of alternating current is called inductive reactance, denoted by XL.

Now if V is the applied voltage and I is resulting current, then apply Ohm’s law,

The instantaneous values of V and I are given by

Here Vm and Im are the respective maximum values of voltage and current. Put them in equation (A).

In terms of units,

However, (volt/Ampere) is the unit of resistance. Therefore, unit of measurement of the inductive reactance is ohm, Ω.

Capacitive Reactance

Capacitive reactance is the opposition offered by the capacitor to the flow of current.

If XC is the capacitive reactance of a capacitor and current I is flowing through it when connected across a voltage source, V, then apply Ohm’s law

Now volt/amp is the unit of resistance, therefore, the capacitive reactance of a capacitor is measured in ohms, Ω.


  1. Thalor

    Another possible answer is below 👇

    Reactance can be measured in ohms for both capacitors and inductors by the given formula..

    XC= 1/(2*pie*f*C) ohm &

    XL= (2*pie*f*L) ohm


    XC is capacitive reactance,

    XL is inductive reactance,

    C is capacitance &

    L is inductance

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