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Question 14: Describe the working of an engine carburetor and paint spray.


 A carburetor is device that provides the combustion chamber of an engine a desirable mixture of fuel and air. It consists of a horizontal pipe, thin at some appropriate place. The thin place is called venturi. The engine sucks air that comes from carburetor directed through the horizontal pipe. At the narrow part of the pipe it gains high speed (reason equation of continuity). As a result, pressure falls down here (Bernoulli’s effect). Here it is connected to a fuel chamber through a side tube.

When the pressure reduces in the pipe in the narrow portion, it draws fuel from this tube. A proper mixture of fuel vapors and air is formed. This mixture is sprayed on the engine making combustion.

Try to solve the problem by applying equation of continuity and Bernoulli’s effect as you did in some previous problems.


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