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Question 1:(a) State Boyle’s law with its mathematical expression.

(b) A mass of gas is under a pressure of 760 torr and occupies volume of 525 cm3. If the pressure is doubled, what volume the gas would occupy now? Assume the temperature is constant.


(a) Boyle's Law

At constant temperature, volume of a given mass of a gas is inversely proportional to the pressure applied on it.


(At constant temperature)

This means that for constant temperature, the product of pressure and volume of a gas always remains constant.

If temperature is kept constant and a graph is drawn between pressure and volume at different values respectively, the graph is a curve.

Part (b)

Given    Initial Pressure = P1 = 760 torr = 1 atm                     Initial Volume = V1 = 525 cm3

                Final Pressure = P2 = 2 atm

Required             Volume, V2 when pressure is doubled

Formula               PV1 = P2V2 ⇒ V2 = (P1V1)/P2

Put the values,

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