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Question 2: (a) State Charles’ law with its mathematical expression.

(b) Assume that one dm3 of air near a thermonuclear explosion is heated from 00C to 5460000C. To what volume does the air expands?


Charles's Law

Volume of a given mass of a gas is directly proportional to the absolute temperature of the gas.

Or equivalently, the ratio of volume and temperature of a given mass of a gas is always constant at constant pressure.

Mathematical expression of Charles law

At constant pressure and constant mass,

Take a fixed mass of a gas at constant pressure. If a graph of various temperatures and corresponding volumes is plotted, a straight line is obtained. This shows the graphical proof of the law.

Part (b)

Given                    Initial volume the air, V1 = 1 dm3                Initial temperature, T1 = 00C = 273K

                                Final temperature, T2 = 546000C = 54600 + 273 = 546273K

Required             Final volume, V2


Put values in the formula


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