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This page consists of solved comprehensive questions of electromagnetic induction included in the second year Physics course for all BISE Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

  1. Question 1:Describe electromagnetic induction with simple experiments. Explain the factors affecting magnitude and direction of induced emf.
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  2. Question 2: State Faraday’s law of electromagnetism? Also explain statically and dynamically induced emf with experiments.
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  3. Question 3: Describe Lenz’s Law. Show that this law is a manifestation of conservation of energy?
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  4. Question 4: Explain the phenomenon of mutual induction. Define the coefficient of mutual induction and units?
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  5. Question 5: Explain the phenomenon of self-induction. Define the coefficient of self-induction and units?
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  6. Question 6: What is motional emf? Show that motional induced emf = Blv.
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  7. Question 7: What is AC generator? Explain how alternating emf is generated by a loop of wire rotating in a magnetic field?
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  8. Question 8: What is A.C motor? Explain the construction and working of A.C motor.
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  9. Question 9: What is transformer? Give its principle, mathematical relationship. Also explain why laminated iron core is used instead of solid iron?
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  10. Question 10:Explain the back emf in an electric motor.
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  11. Question 11:Explain eddy current with suitable example. How eddy currents can be minimized?
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