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Question 1: Make a list of similarities and differences between the motor effect and electromagnetic induction in a moving wire (the dynamo effect).


  • A current-carrying wire or coil experiences a force when placed in a magnetic field. This is called motor effect.
  • When the magnetic flux linking a conductor changes, an emf is induced in the conductor. The change in the flux linking the conductor may be due to the relative motion of the magnet and the conductor. This phenomenon is called electromagnetic induction.

Though the two serve different functions, there is similarity in the principle.

Similarities in Motor Effect and Electromagnetic induction

(1) Both motor effect and electromagnetic induction require magnetic field (permanent or electromagnet) to happen.

(2) Both are making use of armatures.

(3) Both have commulators or split rings.

Differences in Motor Effect and Electromagnetic Induction

(1) In case of generator, mechanical energy is the input and electric energy is the output. Contrarily, in an electric motor electric energy is the input and mechanical energy is the output.

(2) In motor effect, we use Fleming Left Hand Rule and in electromagnetic induction we use Fleming Right Hand Rule.
(3) Motor effect causes force. Electromagnetic induction causes current.
(4) Motor has a split ring and generator has slip rings.
(5) We use Fleming’s left hand rule in motor effent and right hand rule in electromagnetic induction.


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