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Conceptual Questions on Fluid Dynamics (new course)

See here solved conceptual questions on Fluid Dynamics (Physics) included in the course for grade 11.

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Question 1From the top of a tall building, you drop two table tennis balls, one filled with air and the other with water. Which ball reaches terminal velocity first and why?
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Question 2Why can squirrel jump from a tree branch to the ground and run away undamaged while a human could break a bone in such a fall?
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Question 3How does the terminal speed of a parachutist before opening a parachute compare to the terminal speed afterwards? Why is there a difference?
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Question 4You can squirt water over a greater distance by placing your thumb over the end of a garden hose than by leaving it completely uncovered. Explain how does it work?
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Question 5Why does smoke rise faster in a chimney on a windy day?
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