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Fluid Dynamics, Numerical Problems

See here solved numerical problems included in the course of Fluid Dynamics, Physics for grade 11.

Question NoDescription of the question
Question 1Eight equal drops of oil are falling through air with steady velocity of 0.1 ms-1. The drops recombine to form a single drop, what should be the new terminal velocity?
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Question 2Water flows through a 9.6 cm diameter fire hose with a speed of 1.3 m/s. At the end of the hose, water flows out through a nozzel whose dimeter is 2.5 cm. (a) What is the speed of water coming out of the nozzel? (b) What diameter nozzle is required to give water speed of 21 m/s?
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Question 3A fish tank has dimensions of 0.30 m wide by 1.0 m long by 0.60 m high. If the filter should process all the water in the tank once every 3.0 h, what should the flow speed be in the 3.0 cm diameter input tube for the filter?
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Question 4A venturi meter is measuring the flow of water; it has a main diameter of 3.5 cm tapering down to a throat diameter of 1.0 cm. If the pressure difference is measured to be 18 mm of Hg, what is the speed of water entering the venturi meter?
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Question 5A small circular hole 6.00 mm in diameter is cut in the sides of a large water tank, 14.0 m below the water level in the tank. The top of the tank is open to the air. Find (a) the speed of efflux of the water and (b) the volume discharged per second.
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