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Question 8: Explain how gravity is provided to the occupant of the space ship? ANSWER To have a spaceship in space we have to provide gravity to the occupants of the spaceship, which is known as artificial gravity as it doesn’t exist naturally. To produce artificial gravity the spaceship is rotated with an appropriate frequency like the earth spinning about its axis. We know that equation centripetal accelaration Here ‘r’ is the distance from the center to the rim of the spaceship. Also v = rω . And   in this case ac is equal to the gravitational acceleration ‘g’. Hence, putting the values of ‘v’ and ‘ac‘ in the above equation, we have, ch5para22 Now we know the circumference of a circle of radius ‘r’ is 2πr. Therefore, moving through one circle rotation, the object covers a distance of 2πr. The time-period T is the time required to move through one rotation. Therefore, applying the equation S = vt  OR t = s/v, we have, ch5para23 Here ‘f’ is the frequency of the object. Now putting the value of ω in equation (1), ch5para24 This would be the required frequency of a particular spaceship in which artificial gravity like earth would be provided to its inhabitant.

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