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Comprehensive Questions
Class 11
Chapter 9

Q1 What is meant by dual nature of light? Discuss the history about the nature of light in detail.
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Q 2 Explain the diffraction of X-rays by crystal and derive an expression for Bragg’s law to find the wavelength of light used?
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Q 3 Describe the experimental arrangements for the production of interference fringes by Young’s double slits method, and get an expression for the fringes spaces.
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Q 4 State and explain Huygen’s principle. What is the difference between spherical and plane wavefronts>
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Q 5 Explain the interference effect produced by thin films.
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Q 6 What is the principle of interference of light? Discuss the necessary condition for interference of light.
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Q 7 What is diffraction grating? How can the wavelength of a beam of light be measured with it?
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Q 8 Describe the construction and working of Michelson’s interferometer. How one can determine the wavelength of light used by this instrument.
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Q 9 What is meant by plane polarized light? How does this phenomena decide that light waves are transverse in nature.
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