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Class 11

Comprehensive Questions

Chapter 3

Q 1 (a) What are different types of motion?

(b) Explain why the concept of distance/displacement, speed/velocity, acceleration and time are called parameters of motion?

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Q 2 Explain displacement-time graph and velocity-time graph. In each type, give brief details along with appropriate diagram for illustration.

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Q 3 Explain three Newton’s laws of motion. Give examples in each case for further elaboration.

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Q 4 What is linear momentum? State and explain law of conservation of linear momentum. Derive and state Newton’s 2nd law in terms of linear momentum.

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Q 5 What is projectile motion? Give examples. Derive mathematical equations for maximum height attained, time of flight and range of projectile. State which condition the range will be maximum if speed of projectile is kept constant in a uniform gravitational field?

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Q 6 Define elastic and inelastic collision. Give examples in each case. Derive mathematical equations for calculating the final velocities of the elastically colliding bodies in one dimension.

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