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Class 11
Comprehensive Questions

Chapter 5

Q 1 What are centripetal acceleration and centripetal force? Derive their equations.

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Q 2 Show that the angular momentum in magnitude is given by .See Answer.
Q 3 Show that role playing by mass in linear motion is playing by moment of inertia in rotatory motion.See Answer
4 Show that in angular form, centripetal acceleration is: .See Answer
Q 5 Show that centripetal force is also shown bySee Answer
Q 6 Show that a satellite near the earth will have greater velocity.See Answer
Q 7 What do you mean by weight of a body? Use examples to distinguish between real weight and apparent weight of a body.See Answer
Q 8 Explain how gravity is provided to the occupant of a spaceship.See Answer
Q 9 Give different three examples to illustrate the phenomena of conservation of angular momentum.See Answer
Q 10 Explain why mud guards are used on the wheels of cycle, motor cars and other driving vehicles?See Answer

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