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Multiple Choice Questions on Properties of Matter

Multiple Choice Questions

Choose the best possible answer.


  1. A container having volume 6 m3 is full with a liquid, having density of 30 kgm-3. The mass of the liquid is

A. 180 kg

B. 24 kg

C. 5 kg

D. 0.2 kg


  1. Liquids and gases are collectively categorized as

A. Liquids

B. Pascals

C. Fluids

D. None


  1. Which of the following cannot be used to measure pressure.

A. Atm

B. Pa

C. bar

D. kg m-3


  1. Pressure at depth in fluid

A. increases

B. decreases

C. none

D. stays the same


  1. The unit used for pressure in weather maps is

A. Atm

B. Pa

C. bar

D. N m-2


  1. A rock weighs 25.7 N in air and 21.8 N in water. What is the buoyant force of water?

A. 4.1 N

B. 3.9 N

C. 1.18 N

D. 0.84 N


  1. Which of the following objects, submerged in water, experiences the larges magnitude of the buoyant force?

A. 1-kg helium balloon

B. 1 kg of wood

C. 1 kg of iron

D. all the same


  1. The unit of strain is

A. kg m-2

B. Pa

C. N m-2

D. none


  1. Young modulus is measured in units of

A. kg m-2

B. Pa

C. N

D. none



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