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Work and Energy MCQs

Choose the best possible answer.


  1. Work done will be zero if the angle between force and displacement is

A. 30°

B. 45°

C. 60°

D. 90°


  1. 30 N force is exerted and the trolley moves a distance of 5 m in the direction of force, the work done is

A. 6 J

B. 25 J

C. 150 J

D. 0.17 J


  1. If the speed of a car decreases by half, the kinetic energy change by factor

A. 4

B. 2

C. 1/2

D. 1/4


  1. An object of mass 10 kg is lifted vertically through a height of 5 m. The gravitational potential energy gained by the object is

A. 0.5 J

B. 2 J

C. 50 J

D. 490 J


  1. If a petrol engine does 20 J of useful work for every 100 J energy supplied to it, then its efficiency is

A. 80%

B. 60%

C. 40%

D. 20%


  1. kWh is unit of

A. Energy

B. Power

C. Efficiency

D. None


  1. 1 hp =

A. 476 W

B. 550 W

C. 746 W

D. 1


  1. Hira weighing 500 N takes 90 s to reach the top of a hill 18 m high. Her average muscle power is

A. 2500 W

B. 100 W

C. 32.8 W

D. 3.24 W


  1. A machine is able to lift 200 N of concrete slab vertically up to a height of 30 m above the ground in 50 s. The average power of the machine is

A. 1.33 W

B. 60 W

C. 120 W

D. 6000 W


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