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Multiple Choice Questions on Thermal Properties of Matter

Multiple Choice Questions


Choose the best possible answer.

  1. The S.I. unit of heat is

A. J

B. kg

C. K-1

D. K


  1. The S.I unit of temperature is

A. °C

B. °F

C. J

D. K


  1. The Fahrenheit and Celsius scale reading of temperature coincide at

A. 0°

B. -460°

C. -273°

D. -40°


  1. 310 K in centigrade is

A. 37°

B. 310°

C. 63°

D. 273°


  1. When water at 0°C is heated, it contracts till temperature reaches

A. 1°C


C. 100°

D. 100 K


  1. The S.I unit of specific heat is

A. JK-1

B. JK-1 kg-1

C. J kg-1

D. JK kg


  1. The relation between coefficient of linear and volume expansion is

A. α = 3γ

B. γ = 3α

C. γ = α/2

D. γ = 6α


  1. The S.I unit of latent heat is

A. JK-1

B. J kg-1

C. JK kg-1

D. JK kg


  1. How much heat is required to melt 1 kg of Zink at its boiling temperature 240°C with latent heat of 113 × 103 J kg-1.

A. 113 × 103 J

B. 1.13 × 103 J

C. 2.4 × 105 J

D. 2.71 × 107 J


  1. The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 kg of water by 1 K is

A. 1 J

B. 400 J

C. 310 J

D. 4190 J


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