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Problem 3: An aero plane wing is designed so that when the speed of the air across the top of the wing is 450 ms-1, the speed of air below the wing is 410 ms-1. What is the pressure difference between the top and bottom of the wing?


Given data                    Speed of air on the top of the wing = v1 = 450 ms-1

                                             Pressure on the top of the wing = P1 (say)

                                             Speed of air on the bottom of the wing = v2 = 410 ms-1

                                             Pressure at the bottom the wing = P2 (say)

Required                        P2 – P1=?

Formula           Bernoulli’s equation (assuming there is no significant difference in the height h of the two sides of the wing) given by

We know the density of air = ρ = 1.29 kg m-3

Put all these values in the formula.

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