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Problem 5: One ball of mass 0.600 kg traveling 9.00 m/s to the right collides head on elastically with a second ball of mass 0.300 kg traveling 8.00 m/s to the left. What are their velocities after the collision?

Given                    Assume the sign of the velocity of the ball traveling to right is positive and that to the left is negative.

             m1 = 0.600 kg                     u1 = 9.00 m/s

             m2 = 0.300 kg                     u2 = – 8.00 m/s

Required                             v1 and v2

Formula               If m1 is the mass of the first body moving with velocity u1 and m2 is the mass of the second body moving with velocity u2, then their respective velocities v1 and v2 after collision are given by


Put the values in the above formulae to find velocities after collision.

This is the velocity of the ball of mass 0.600 kg, now moving to the left.

Put values in the second formula to find the velocity of the second ball.


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