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Problem 6: In a wedding a bullet is fired in air at a speed of 500 m/s making an angle 60° with horizontal from an AK 47 rifle. (a) How high will the bullet rise? (b) What time would it take to reach ground? (c) How far would it go? (Ignore air resistance).

Given                    Initial velocity of the bullet, vi = 500 m/s

                                Angle of projection, θ = 60°

Asked                   (1) Maximum height of the bullet, H

                                (2) Time of flight, T

                                (3) Horizontal distance, R



Put values from the given data in the respective formulas,

(a) Maximum height, H

So the bullet will go about 10 km high in the sky.

(b) Time of flight

So the bullet will remain in air for nearly one and a half minutes!

(3) Horizontal range, R

So the bullet will go more than 22 km from the place where it is fired.



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