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Numerical Problems on Measurement, Physics 11

See here solved numerical problems on Measurement (new course) included in the Physics course for First Year students.

S No. Statement of problem
Problem 1 A circular pizza into 3 equal parts, one piece of pizza is taken out. Estimate the degree measure of the single piece of pizza and convert the measure into radians. What is the radian measure of the angle of the remaining part of pizza?
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Problem 2 The length of a a pendulum is (1.5 ± 0.01) m and the acceleration due to gravity is taken to be (9.8 ± 0.1) ms-2. Calculate the time period of the pendulum with uncertainty in it.
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Problem 3 Determine the area of a rectangular sheet with length (l ± Δl) = (1.50 ± 0.02) m and width (w ± Δw) = (0.20 ± 0.01) m. Calculate the area (A ± ΔA).
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Problem 4 Calculate the answer up to appropriate numbers of significant digits:
(a) 246.24 + 238.278 + 98.3 (b) (1.4 × 2.639) + 117.25
(c) (2.66 × 104) – (1.03 × 103) (d) (112 × 0.456)/(3.2 × 120)
(e) 168.99 × 9 (f) 1023 + 8.5489

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Problem 5 Question 5: Calculate the answer up to appropriate numbers of significant digits.
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Problem 6 Question 6: Find the dimensions of
Planck’s constant ‘h’ from formula E = hf, where E is energy and f is frequency.
Gravitational constant ‘G’ from the formula F=G (m_1 m_2)/r^2 where F is force m1 and m2 are masses of the objects and ‘r’ is the distance between the centers of the objects.
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Problem 7 Question 7: Show that (a) KE = ½ mv2 (b) PEg = mgh
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Assignments from the text

Assignment 1.1

A pulley of radius 0.9 m is used to lift a bucket from the well. If it took 3.6 rotations for the pulley to take water out of the well, how deep is water in the well?

Assignment 1.2

A physicist calculated the wall width of half brick thickness (the brick is laid in a flat position, lengthwise called stretcher position), as (13.6 ± 0.1) cm. And one brick thickness (the brick is placed in flat position, lengthwise orthogonal to wall, called header position), as (23.6 ± 0.1) cm. Calculate difference in width of walls with uncertainty in it.


Assignment 1.3

The voltage V(V ± ΔV) is measured (7.3 V ± 0.1V) and current I(I ± ΔI) is measured as (2.73 A ± 0.05 A). Calculate the resistance R by using Ohm’s law as R = V/I.


Assignment 1.5

Calculate the answer to the appropriate number of significant figures.

  • 31 + 0.1        (b) 658.0 + 23.5478 + 1345.29      (c) 8 × 7

(d) 0.9935 × 10.48 × 13.4 (e) 5.5/1.1                                  (f) (73.2 + 18.72 × 6.1)/3.4


Assignment 1.6

Show that the equations                              (a) vf = vi + at                      (b) S = vit + ½ at2         are dimensionally correct.


Assignment 1.7

Find an expression for the time period ‘T’ of a simple pendulum. The time period ‘T’ may depend upon (i) mass ‘m’ of the bob of the pendulum, (ii) length ‘l’ of pendulum, (iii) acceleration due to gravity ‘g’ at the place where the pendulum is suspended.