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Partner Book stores in Mardan District.


Following is the list of bookstores where you can have the books of Mashal Series. Please don’t hesitate in utilizing the after-sale support program.

  • College Chowk, Shadab Books Umar Plaza Mardan
  • Takht Bhai, Tauhid o Sunnat Booksellers School Road Skha Oba
  • Malakand Chowk Rahim Book Center and stationers Mardan
  • Takht Bhai, Suleman Booksellers Railway Phatak Takht Bhai
  • Takht Bhai, Rizwan Books Agency Opposite HSS (Boys) Takht Bhai
  • Mardan, Imtiaz Book Agency Bank Road Mardan
  • Mardan, PRC Market Star Book Center
  • Sher Garh, Hozaifa Book Center, Pakistan Plaza
  • Moqam Chowk, Akbar Book Center Mardan
  • Bank Road Mardan, Khurshid Book Agency Mardan
  • Takht Bhai, College Book Center Near Degree College Takht Bhai
  • Mardan, Malakand Chowk, Fazal Booksellers and Sports Center Mardan
  • Takht Madina Book Agency Kot Road Sugar Mills
  • Malakand Chowk Mardan, Rashid Book Center Mardan
  • Mardan Moqam Chowk, Discount Book Center Baghdada Road Mardan
  • Mardan PRC Chowk Books & Books PRC Market Mardan
  • Mardan PRC Chowk Azeem Book Center PRC Market Mardan
  • Mardan Hoti Hamid Booksellers Baghdada Hoti Road Mardan
  • Mardan PRC Chowk, Shadab Books and Stationers PRC Market Mardan
  • Mardan Bank Road University Book Agency Bank Road Mardan
  • Fazalabad, Mohmand Booksellers Main Bazar Fazalabad
  • Fazalabad, Javed Booksellers Madi Ba Ba Road Fazalabad
  • Fazalabad, A to Z Composers Behlola Road Fazalabad
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