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Question 1: Define Physics? Explain the scope and importance of Physics in science, technology and society.


Definition of Physics

It is “the branch of science which deals with the study of matter, energy and their mutual relationship.”
The study of Physics covers many fields and therefore, it was essential to divide it in suitable branches. Major branches of Physics are as follow;
Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Electricity and Magnetism, Light, waves, Solid State and Modern Physics.

Scope of Physics

Physics has quite a vast scope (scope here means the extent to which Physics is spread). It ranges from the small subatomic particles like, electron, proton and neutron to the huge heavenly bodies like solar system and galaxies. The fundamental laws and principles of Physics explain the complicated occurrences of nature. On one hand, it deals with the small subatomic particles and the principles these particles follow in the atom, and on the other hand it tries to explain questions about the sun, the moon and creation of universe. Hence, Physics covers a big portion of the physical world.

Importance of Physics

  • Science: Physics is called ‘the fundamental science’. All other natural sciences originate from Physics. The laws of Physics are widely used in other branches of science like, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy (space science) etc.
  • Technology: Physics is important requirement for the development of technology. Technology is the utilization of basic scientific knowledge to develop machine and Physics has generated enormous knowledge for that. Important technological inventions have become possible using the laws of Physics and in the days to come, technology will continue to depend on Physics.
  • Society: Science in general, and Physics in particular, has a great impact on human society. Science is correctly considered to be the most effective force to change the approaches and attitudes of the humankind. This change in the human approach is the basis of human development and the lifestyle. No doubt, Physics is the major contributor in bringing about this change! Computer and other fast means of communication, modern machines for disease diagnosis, and advancement in all production sectors are all due to scientific discoveries and, no doubt, Physics has a leading role in it. In short, Physics has a great contribution in making human society more comfortable, knowledgeable and accessible.

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