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Question 2: Why is rifle barrel ‘rifled’?



Most of the modern firearms like pistol, revolver and rifle barrels consist of spiral grooves  د سپرنګ پ‍‍هٔ شان جرۍ). Technically, this is called ‘rifling’. You might have seen them looking into the barrel (شپیلۍ) of a gun.

Why rifling?

The rifling in the barrels of firearms imparts spin to the bullet. The spin produced in the bullet is along the lengthy axis of the bullet as the shape of the bullet is always oblong. The angular momentum produced due to spinning stabilizes the motion of the bullet. In this way the accuracy in hitting the aim improves.
It has some major benefits;

  • The angular momentum produced in the bullet due to rifling in the barrel of the gun stabilizes the direction of motion of the bullet and increases the accuracy of the gun.
  • It keeps the sharp point of the bullet first.
  • It adds rotational kinetic energy to the bullet due to its rotation. In this way the range of the bullet also increases.
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