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Multiple Choice Questions on Turning Effect of Forces

Select the best possible answer.


  1. Conventionally anticlockwise torque is taken as ………

A. Negative

B.  Positive

C. Parallel

D. zero


  1. A door requires a minimum torque of 80 N m in order to open it. What is the minimum distance of the handle from the hinges, if the door is to be pulled with a force at the handle not greater than 100 N?

A. 0.6 m

B. 1 m

C. 0.4 m

D. 0.8 m


  1. Two children are balanced on opposite sides of a seesaw. If one child leans inward toward the pivot point, her side will

A. rise

B. fall

C. insufficient data

D. neither rise nor fall


  1. A body in equilibrium must not be

A. at rest

B. moving

C. rotating

D. accelerating


  1. The torque in uniformly rotating fan having blade of length 0.5 m is

A. 0.5 N m

B. 2 N m

C. -0.5 N m

D. 0 N m


  1. A force of 100 N is applied perpendicularly at 0.5 m to turn nut of wheel of a bus. The torque acting on nut is

A. 500 N m

B. 50 N m

C. 5 N m

D. 0.005 N m


  1. The shortest distance between two couple forces is

A. moment arm

B. couple arm

C. radius

D. double moment


  1. A girl pushes to open a door perpendicularly with a force of 25 N at 0.6 m from the hinge, the torque is

A. 41.6 N m

B. 25.6 N m

C. 15 N m

D. 0 N m


  1. The angle at which x and y components of force are equal is

A. 0°

B. 30°

C. 45°

D. 60°


  1. CM is different from CG when we have non uniform

A. shape of object

B. mass of object

C. gravitational force

D. none of these


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