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Question 10: Explain why mudguards are used on the wheels of cycles, motor cars and other driving vehicles. ANSWER In the rainy seasons, when the ground is wet and there is mud all around, mud guards protects the clothes of the cyclist from the mud flying from the tires of the cycle. Mud is stuck to the tires of the vehicles. When the vehicle starts moving, the tires rotate. The mud stuck to the tires also starts spinning with the tire. The adhesive force between the mud and tire provides the necessary centripetal force. However, with the increase of speed, and the resultant increase in the centrifugal force, the adhesive force falls less. As a result, the mud mass flies away from the tire tangent to the rotating wheel. Mudguards are preventing these splashes to spoil our clothes or the body of our vehicle In case of motorcars and other vehicles, the mudguards help the body of the vehicle protected from the splash of the mud.


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