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Question 2: If a point charge q of mass m is released in a non-uniform electric field with field lines pointing in the same direction, will it make a rectilinear motion?

When a charged particle is released in an electric field, it experiences an electrostatic force due to the field. This force is given by,e89c11p12 So, if a charged particle of mass ‘m’ is released in the electric field it will experience a force in accordance with the above equation. e91c11p12 Now we know that
        F = ma —— (b)
Equating equations (a) and (b),e90c11p12

Since m and q are constant for a given charge, therefore E ∝ a. This means the charged particle having charge q and mass m will undergo motion with acceleration ‘a’. The acceleration will be linear along the electric field lines. Similarly, as the field is non-uniform the acceleration of the motion will also be non-uniform.


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