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Question 11: Why energy savers are used instead of normal bulbs? ANSWER In many ways, energy savers are more energy efficient as compared to normal bulb. Some of the advantages of the saver over the normal bulb are as follow;
  1. Due to the efficient electronic circuits of energy savers, it consumes less energy as compared to normal bulb. An estimated saving of energy in case of energy saver is 80%. Still quality of light of energy saver is far better than the normal bulb. Therefore, energy savers not only reduce our financial burden of bills but also it adds enormously to the national power grid.
  2. Energy savers are more environments friendly. It produces little heat as compared to normal bulb and its light is not painful for our eyes.
  3. Energy savers are more sustainable than normal bulbs.
  4. Light of energy saver has high power and intensity.


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