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Work and Energy, Conceptual Questions

See here conceptual questions on Work and Energy included in the Physics course for grade 11.

S.NoStatement of the question
Question 1A bucket is taken to the bottom of a well, does the bucket posses any P.E? Explain.
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Question 2When an arrow is shot from its bow, it has K.E. From where does it get the K.E?
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Question 3Does the hydrogen filled balloon posses any P.E? Explain.
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Question 4Is K.E a vector quantity?
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Question 5What happens to the K.E of the bullet when it penetrates into a target?
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Question 6Does the tension in the string of a swinging pendulum do any work? Explain.
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Question 7A meteor when enters into the earth’s atmosphere burns. What happens to its energy?
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Question 8What type of energy is stored in the spring of watch?
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Question 9A man drops a cup from a certain height, which breaks into pieces. What energy changes are involved?
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Question 10A man rowing boat upstream is at rest with respect to shore, is he doing work?
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Question 11Why energy savers are used instead of normal bulbs?
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