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Question 2: What is the nature of force between two parallel current carrying wires (in the same direction).


Consider two current carrying wires, extending parallel. The current is flowing in the same direction in the wires.

We know that when current passes through a conductor, a magnetic field is produced around it. If the two wires are close to one another, the magnetic forces thus produced must interact with one another. Their interaction will be in the form whether they cancel each other or reinforce each other. Now the direction of the magnetic field is determined by the RHR, which states hold the wire in your Right Hand such that the thumb points in the direction of the current. Then the fingers are curled in the direction of the magnetic field. Use this rule and find the direction of the magnetic fields due to both the wires. We see in the region between the two wires, the magnetic lines of force cancel one another. So, the force from the outside region is greater. Therefore, the wires will fall in the inner side.

How when the currents in the two wires go in the opposite directions?

Note: Proceed in the same way to show the force between two current carrying wires with currents in opposite directions oppose and the wires repel one another.



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