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Class 12

Conceptual Questions
Chapter 13

Question 1 What is the force that a conductor of length L carrying a current I experiences when placed in a magnetic field B? What is the direction of this force?
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Question 2 What is the nature of force between two parallel current carrying wires (in the same direction).
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Question 3 What is the magnitude of the force on a charge q moving with a velocity v in a magnetic field B?
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Question 4 In a uniform magnetic field B, an electron beam enters with velocity v. Write the expression for the force experienced by the electrons.
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Question 5 What will be the path of a charged particle moving in a uniform magnetic field at any arbitrary angle with the field?
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Question 6 An electron does not suffer any deflection while passing through a region. Are you sure that there is no magnetic field?
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Question 7 An electron beam passes through a region of crossed electric and magnetic fields of intensity E and B respectively. For what value of the electron speed the beam will remain unaffected?
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Question 8 Uniform electric and magnetic fields are produced in the same direction. An electron is projected in the direction of the fields. What will be the effect on the K.E of the electron due to the fields?
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Question 9 What is cyclotron frequency of a charged particle q, of mass m moving in a magnetic field B?
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Question 10 Can neutron be accelerated in a cyclotron? Give reason.
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Question 11 A current carrying loop, free to turn, is placed in a magnetic field B. What will be its orientation relative to B in the equilibrium state?
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Question 12 How does a current carrying wire behave like a bar magnet?

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