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Class 12
Conceptual Questions
Chapter 12
Question 1 Why it is not possible to measure the drift speed of electrons by timing their travel along a conductor?
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Question 2 The relationship R = V/I tells us that the resistance of a conductor is directly proportional to the potential difference applied to it. What do you think on this proportion?
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Question 3A heavy duty battery of a truck maintains a current of 3 amperes for 24 hours. How much charge flows from the battery during this time?
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Question 4While analyzing a circuit, the internal resistance of the source is ignored. Why?
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Question 5Under what circumstances, the terminal potential difference of a battery exceeds its emf?
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Question 6 What is the difference between emf and P.D?
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Question 7 The loop rule is based on the conservation of energy principle and the junction rule on the conservation of charge. Explain how these are based on these principles?
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Question 8Why rise in the temperature of a conductor is accomplanied by a rise in the resistance?
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Question 9Does the direction of emf provided by a battery depend on the direction of the current flowing through the battery?
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Questions from the text

  • Why a steel ship becomes magnetized as it is constructed?
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