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Physics, Chap 2, Comprehensive Questions

Class 12

Comprehensive Questions
Chapter 12

Question 1Describe the concept of steady current as a flow of positive, negative charge or both. Define the unit of current.
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Question 2 Explain the electronic current in a metallic wire as due to the drift of free electrons in the wire.
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Question 3State Ohm’s Law. Discuss its scope and validity. (a) Discuss resistivity and conductivity of a material. (b) How does resistance change with temperature?
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Question 4Explain the terms: emf, internal resistance and terminal potential difference of a battery.
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Question 5Explain the construction of rheostat. How is it used as (a) control the current (b) as potential divider?
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Question 6 What is Wheatstone bridge? Explain with diagram the balancing, the principle and working of this bridge.
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Question 7 What is potentiometer? Explain the principle, construction and working. What is advantage of using potentiometer for measuring potential difference?
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Question 8 What is thermocouple? Explain the working of a thermocouple by drawing its diagram. By sketching curve explain the variation in thermocouple emf with temperature.
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Question 9 Why we use Kirchhoff’s law for circuit problems solution? Explain its rules for circuit solution by giving proper example.
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