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Question 2: When an arrow is shot from the bow, it has kinetic energy. From where does it get the KE?


The arrow is fitted in the string of the bow. The string is pulled backward. Doing so, work is done against the restoring elastic force of the string of the bow. This work is stored in the string as elastic potential energy.


At the time of shot, the string is released. The potential energy of the string is converted to the kinetic energy. As the arrow is fitted in with the string, it also gains the KE. When released from the bow, the arrow goes with high KE from the string in the forward direction.

Want to calculate this energy?
Work in stretching the string = Average Force × distance
Force can be calculated by Hook’s law,i-e, F = kx
Put this value of F in the above equation,

This work is stored in the strings as P.E which converts to K.E of the arrow after released. Here x is the distance through the string is stretched.


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