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Question 12: How does a current-carrying coil behaves like a bar magnet?

When current passes through a current carrying coil (e-g, a solenoid) it behaves like a bar magnet. Inside the coil the magnetic field is strong and straight. Its direction can be found by the RHR. The straight magnetic field inside the coil consists of magnetic lines of force like the magnetic lines of force due to a bar magnet. It has north and south directions like a bar magnet. One face of the coil behaves like a north side and the other as south.


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  3. Muhammad Zaheer

    Excellent contribution to the learners. Please if you add theory as well, thiz will marvelous.. MashaAllah. Stay blessed.

    • admin

      M Zaheer
      Thank you so much. It always encourages us to hear from you. We are adding the theory section as well. Please visit off and then. If you want some specific portion of the theory, let us we know that. We will work on it on a priority basis.

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