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Comprehensive Questions, Vectors and Equilibrium

This page consists of solved comprehensive questions of Vectors and Equilibrium (Chapter 2) included in the new course of First Year Physics.

  1. How are vectors added and subtracted geometrically?
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  2. If a vector is multiplied by a positive scalar, how is the resultant related to the original vector? What if the scalar is zero? Negative?
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  3. What are rectangular components of a vector? How rectangular components are used to represent a vector?
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  4. Explain addition of vectors by rectangular components.
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  5. Define the dot produce (scalar product) of two vectors? What geometrical interpretation does the dot product have? Give example.
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  6. Define the cross product (vector product) of two vectors. What geometrical interpretation does the cross product have? Give examples.
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  7. Define torque. Show that the torque is the vector product of force and position vector.
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  8. What is mechanical equilibrium? Explain different types of equilibrium.
  9. What type of equilibrium is guaranteed by each condition of equilibrium.


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