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Question 7: A meteor when enters into the earth’s atmosphere burns. What happens to its energy?


When a meteor from the outer space enters the earth’s atmosphere, it burns. The reason is that the meteor travels with very high speed and the friction with air particles in the atmosphere causes it burn. The energy possessed by the meteor is converted into heat and light. The heat energy is transferred to the air particles of the surrounding atmosphere.

Meteor and meteoroidΒ 

Meteoroids are small rocky or metallic bodies exist in the outer space and move around the sun. When a meteoroid accidently enters in the earth atmosphere, it is crashed and a streak of light is produced. This streak of light is called meteor.

Earth’s atmosphere

Atmosphere is a layer of gases surrounded by a planet. Particles of these gases are retained by the planet by the gravitational force of the planet.

Earth’s atmosphere consists mostly of nitrogen and oxygen.


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