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Question 7: Write the solution steps of a numerical problem of the equilibrium.


The following procedural steps may be taken while solving a numerical problem of equilibrium.

  1. Study the problem very carefully and identify all the forces acting on the body.
  2. Draw a clear diagram and show all forces acting on the body.
  3. Mark all the forces asvecf1,vecf2, ….. etc.
  4. Find all angles θ1, θ2, θ3 … etc.
  5. Resolve all forces into their respective x- and y-components.
  6. Add all x- and y-components of the identified forces, ∑Fx  and ∑Fy .
  7. Apply the conditions for equilibrium,
      • ∑Fx = 0
      • ∑Fy= 0
      • ∑τ = 0
  8. Solve the above equations for the required unknown quantities.



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