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Vectors and Equilibrium

This page consists of answers to the comprehensive questions on vectors and equilibrium included in Physics course of First Year for all BISE KPK.

Q 1

Define what is meant by vectors (and scalars)? Give five examples of each. Also with the help of example explain the graphical representation of vectors.

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Q 2

Explain in detail whether for two vectors of equal magnitude is it possible to give a resultant of magnitude equal to their individual magnitudes? Justify your answer mathematically.

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Q 3

What does rectangular components of a vector mean? Explain addition of vectors by rectangular components.

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Q 4

Explain scalar product of vectors?

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Q 5

Explain vector product of vectors?

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Q 6

Define torque. Explain why it is equal to the vector product of force and moment arm?

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Q 7

Write the solution steps of a numerical problem of equilibrium.

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